Creating Gardens with a Sense of Place


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Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 September: 9:45am to 5pm at Allt-y-bela

Discovering the spirit of the garden that you want to create is a key step towards making the right garden for that place. I have used the maxim 'sense of place' as a guiding principal in my garden design from the start. For me a garden must resonate with its location and the architecture and the owners. These links will strengthen the design and emphasise a 'sense of place'. This is not to say that there can't be surprises and contrasts, (of course there must be!), a modern planting at an ancient house, for example, but the planting must fit. Maybe it's the plant material or maybe it's based on a traditional layout, but re-imagined for today.  

Looking first at the garden I have been creating over the past ten years at Allt-y-bela, and then at other gardens I have created in other environments, I hope to show how my design ideas are formulated, and how the process of working with craftsmen and gardeners enables us to build these gardens. 

On the second day we will look at the elements that make up, our gardens to expand your own repertoire of images and ideas. I'd like you to take away a full melting pot of thoughts, ready to distil them down for your own use. I hope you'll leave inspired and with a focus on what sense of place means for you, and how to evoke it in your own gardens.

Course cost: £520 including lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments

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