Planted Architecture


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Friday 12 May 2017: 9:45am to 5pm at Allt-y-bela

The choice of plant material, how it is planted and how it is trained or clipped is hugely influential in creating the atmosphere of a place,  especially when you use plants to form the architectural bones of a garden. At Allt-y-bela, we'll look at how clipped topiary have been used in the place of more linear hedges, and as accents at entrances to work with the asymmetry of the building and the plot. Trained fruit form arches and screens, clothe buildings and delineating edges.  In other gardens, they form more formal allées and divisions, or perhaps those divisions instead of fruit are limes, or hornbeams, or even pleached oaks or magnolias. Hedges where they do exist at Allt-y-bela are pruned into rolling, billowing 'cloud' like shapes, except where they form a crisp spiral on top of a mound.  Investigating the character of different plant materials and looking at what it is possible to clip and train opens up exciting possibilities for creating green architecture which will imbue the garden with the right sense of place. We'll explore why and where these green bones of the garden work in a variety of different types and scale of garden.

Course cost: £245 including lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments.

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