The Natural Woodland Garden


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Thursday 11 May 2017: 9.45am to 5pm at Allt-y-bela

In this course we'll be looking at creating a natural woodland garden, starting with the clearing of undesirables, the brambles, bracken and saplings that can so easily choke the woodland. Improving the soil by piling up leaves to rot down into leaf mould where the clearing has left the ground impoverished.  Creating very natural looking paths and gradually adding layers of detail, such as simple structures, benches and shelters, ferneries and stumperies.  Planting swathes of bulbs, and woodland perennials such as hellebores, and under-storey shrubs and small trees like hamamelis and magnolias; using the native species but also some rarer and more exotic species and cultivars, to excite the eye, but always positioning them so that they feel very natural. Creating pools of light, in which you may choose to add pools of dark water to reflect the branches of the trees, or sculpture, or if the scale allows, planting a true circle of appropriate trees. Looking at what is evolving at Allt-y-bela, and inspiration from other projects and gardens, this is a course where we'll explore the enchantment to be created in a woodland or even the tiniest copse of trees.

Course Cost £245 including lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments.

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