Arne's journal

Formality & Informality

Earlier this year I was asked by Peter Lyden, President of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) in the USA to give a lecture for its members in New York. Peter wanted me to talk about how I go about designing gardens - the elements I choose and the reasons for their use in particular designs.

My garden designs are contradictions and play with the balance between formality and informality. I deliberately juxtapose the clipped and the unclipped, the tame and the untame to create gardens that have year-round interest and which my clients feel comfortable in. It is the combination of these two principles that yields gardens full of romantic, atmospheric and informal planting, and which have a longevity that comes from the enduring strength of a formal structure.

The lecture, which was co-hosted by Architectural Digest magazine, took place in the ICAA Library in central New York City in mid September.

For more information about the ICAA, visit the website here.