Cricket table

Available in English oak or painted pine, this honest three-legged table is for indoor or outdoor use as a side-table, adjacent to a bench or with stools for occasional eating. Based on an antique example collected by Arne and used at his home, Allt-y-bela, the Cricket Table suits both ancient and contemporary gardens or interiors.

Cricket, a variation of the word 'cracket' (first recorded use in 1635), describes a low three-legged stool. Cricket tables date from around the same period and were made, like the stool, with three turned or shaved legs tenoned into a solid plank top. The appeal of early three-legged furniture is not explicable by aesthetics, thriftiness or poverty, but simply that three legs were more stable than four on the uneven clay and stone flag floors in the cottages, inns and taverns of the day.

Available in one size:

Diameter 74cm x Height 68cm

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