Garden diary

April showers and sunshine


There is no getting away from it; it is very definitely April out there. This week I have been hot, cold, wet and dry. The garden has been soggy, dusty and pretty much everything in between! April feels like the month the weather changes and the fight between the cold clear air, the Atlantic rain and warmer continental air moves through the garden often bringing several seasons in a day. It's the time of year to dress in layers and take your coat 'just in case!'

The beginning of the week was very encouraging, I desperately needed a dry day to mow the lawn before a group from the Garden Museum was due to arrive on Tuesday. My mower had broken down last week and it was returned just in time for the rain to start falling! Luckily Monday started dry and we made good use of it. In the end it was pretty warm and sunny. In truth Tuesday's visit gave me a point of focus and an extra incentive to get the garden looking spick and span. The house and garden come alive when it's full of people, the garden feels complete, and with the sunshine to go with it, it all felt really satisfying to me. I hope it did to Arne too!

The second half of the week came as something of a shock, a cold persistent wind blew in and froze me to the bone on Thursday prompting a rethink in garden clothing! Today a damp dreary rain has set in, the kind of rain that is almost too incidental to really think about and yet the kind that soaks you just the same, I associate it with Cornwall and that soft wet Atlantic rain...

The plants in the garden are responding to the conditions too, the Tulipa whitallii on the drive was fully open in the sunshine earlier in the week but closed tight shut today. The bulbs on the south facing side flowering much earlier than the northern bank where the snakes head fritillaries are still blooming. The snow white crab apple blossom has just begun in isolated spots over the trees while the multitude of buds are flushed reddish pink. Every cool day seems to hold back the progress while each day of warmth coaxes a few more buds to break.

The wisteria on the boot room wall is also just beginning to flower, contrasting against the pale apple blossom with wine red Tulipa 'Ronaldo', the first variety to bloom in the large pots by the door. The colour scheme in the large pots is somewhat different this year moving away from the antique tones towards rich burgundy reds and black. I'm really looking forward to seeing the contrast against the house, I think it will look really warm and luxurious whether the sun is shining or the cold rain is falling!

I like April, I like the crazy weather, but most of all I like to see the garden really coming alive, hedges blossoming and flushing with fresh green and real flowers emerging everywhere. I've got my fingers crossed now for a little more of that sunshine we saw because it felt really good, the forecast is not optimistic, time will tell!

Words: Steve Lannin, Head Gardener at Allt-y-bela

Photographs: Britt Willoughby Dyer & Kristy Ramage