Garden diary

A busy week in the garden


It has been a busy time at Allt-y-bela; last week the dry stone walling was completed, we ran a workshop on building bespoke plant supports and on Friday Harriet and Nick from Arne's design studio in London came down to learn to make rose domes.

Arne has always built plant supports in his gardens using the local materials that are to hand; this means that the supports look very natural and fit into the landscape, helping to root the garden in its environment. We tend to use hazel at Allt-y-bela both because we are surrounded by hazel coppices and because it is a fairly durable material. The fact that it only tends to last for one year means that every year we build different supports in slightly different shapes and styles.

A couple of weeks ago Kristy, who was jointly running the plant supports course with me, came to Allt-y-bela for us to plan what we wanted to show on the day and also to help plan our garden plant supports for the year. Kristy is magnificent when it comes to making beautiful objects in and from the garden and we had a lot of fun planning our ideas, we even had a look around the house for inspiration in the patternation within pictures, furniture and even the construction of the house. We may have got slightly carried away! So last Monday Kristy came back to help me build somw of our ideas to show on the course the next day. With heads full of ideas and materials to hand it took us a couple of false starts before we felt like we were on the right lines, and by six in the evening with light rapidly fading we finally laid down our twine!

I love course days at Allt-y-bela. They are always huge fun occassions where I get to eat well and meet lovely people, but this particular day didn't start out especially promisingly. Grey skies, persistent rain, and the wallers racing to finish before everyone arrived, things looked a little tight! The wallers were due to have a stone delivery into the tiny parking area just 45 minutes before the course was due to start! Luckily it all ran like clockwork and by mid morning the rain had stopped too which allowed us to spend all afternoon building the kinds of supports we had talked about in the morning. A good day's building supports usually leads to some anxious moments at the end of the day as people struggle to fit all of their supports into their cars. It's amazing how a car can shrink and a support grow when the two finally meet! Our rose dome course saw us attempting to fit three people and three rose domes into one rather tightly packed hatch back!

Whenever I meet with the staff from Arne's London office they all tend to ask when they can come out to Allt-y-bela and get their hands dirty! Unfortunately they are always so busy that they never seem to find the time. This year though we have started making a plan for them to visit more regularly and to help with specific tasks. It gives me some extra help and I hope it gives them a fun and semi-educational trip! This week saw Harriet and Nick come to help me make rose domes. Both are very talented designers and it was great to see that they had really good rose pruning skills as well. By the end of the day we had three more rose domes, and had had a lot of fun along the way. I really enjoyed it and hope that it will be the first of many!

So, one week, huge amounts of hazel used, plant supports built all over the garden and one very impressive wall completed. It's certainly never dull at Allt-y-bela.

Words: Steve Lannin, Head Gardener at Allt-y-bela

Photographs: Britt Willoughby Dyer