Title: Allt y bela in the frost

A rare birds' eye view of Allt y bela on a crisp, winter's day in 2016. The bones of the garden are laid bare, revealing its structure, sparkling on a typical frosty morning.


Film by William Collinson

Title: Courses at Allt y bela

Arne runs a series of garden courses and events each year from his home in Monmouthshire and at selected gardens of interest.

For more information about Arne's Garden Courses, or to book a place, click here.

Title: Summer 2013 at Allt y bela

We have enjoyed a blissful summer at Allt-y-bela. It has been a joy to return from the London studio, client trips (and the occassional holiday) to a garden bursting with colour and buzzing and humming with bees, butterflies and a host of bird life. I really feel that the garden here is starting to come together, not only has the design settled well but the house colour has mellowed perfectly into its surroundings and the meadows we are nestled amongst have started to share their wildflowers.

This short film gives you a glimpse - made again by James Aiken. You can see more of his work on his blog here.

Title: Chelsea Flower Show 2012 - a retrospective

As the unpredictable Spring weather continues, I am reminded of our very wet build up to the Chelsea Flower Show last year. The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden was undoubtedly the highlight of our year and so it is with some nostalgia that I look back. Our filmmaker James is at the show for Laurent-Perrier again this year but to round up our time there he has put together a final edit of the footage we were fortunate enough to be able to shoot.

We wish all the team at Laurent-Perrier, Crocus and Ulf Nordfjell all the very best for their Chelsea 2013 garden, and hope the sun finally shines on SW3 as it did for us last year.

Title: The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden (Showtime)

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show always seems to present gardeners, young and old, with a little slice of horticultural magic at a time of year when inspiration is required in the face of inclement weather. This year was no exception, and the rain we experienced during April and the first half of May was swept away to reveal stunning Spring skies and warm, tropical sunshine. 


Visitors to the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden were overwhelmingly supportive and complementary of the design. Everyone seemed to love the planting - in particular the number of roses we used in the garden, and the way in which they were trained. As I stood talking to visitors about the garden, and handing out planting leaflets, I found myself explaining the technique of weaving pliable hazel into domes again, and again. 


I was truly touched by all the comments we received. It was such an affirmation that the design I felt would evoke memories of childhood gardens, and romantic, hazy summer days, really did achieve the reaction I had hoped for. And I have made such lovely friends - in the brilliant team at Crocus and the fabulous family firm of Champagne Laurent-Perrier.


It felt rather melancholy to be saying goodbye to the garden on Saturday. Having spent the best part of a month building and enjoying it, the garden felt like one of my own. The plants were growing - particularly the roses - and I found myself pruning and maintaining the borders as I would at home. So to celebrate its success and popularity, enjoy the short film which James Aiken has put together for us in celebration of the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden. 

Title: The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden (Part III)

In the third part of our series of short films we give you a glimpse into the build and planting of the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. James Aiken has again shot a beautifully executed film, which leads us elegantly into the start of show week. 

Title: The BBC visits Allt-y-bela for Chelsea

In preparation for the BBC TWO coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Andy Vernon and his team visited Arne at home at Allt-y-bela in South Wales earlier this month. The crew captured the first morning light as it rose over the trees and started to bathe the house and garden in a wonderfully soft Spring glow. 


Arne talks about his love of the landscape and the importance of creating a garden which respects the environment it sits within. 


For more clips from the BBC coverage of Chelsea, click here.

Title: The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden (Part II)

The second in our series of short films documenting the creation of the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden is now live!


We are so excited and thrilled with the films so far - it is a real treat to see our hard work presented in such a beautiful way. And with herbaceous planting well underway on site at the Royal Hospital showground, we can now see this garden really coming together for the crucial judging at the weekend. 


We hope you enjoy - and do let us know what you think via our Twitter page. 

Title: The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden (Part I)

To mark the bicentenary of one of the world's leading champagne brands, and to chart the design and build of the Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012, we are working with filmmaker James Aiken to bring you a flavour of the expertise, dedication and passion of Champagne Laurent-Perrier.


This is the first in a series of three films which will be released in the final weeks of the Chelsea Flower Show garden build. We hope you enjoy the rare glimpses of the beautiful Chateâu de Louvois and the cellars and production centre at Tours-sur-Marne.


A special thank you to David Hesketh MW, Managing Director of Champagne Laurent-Perrier UK, who has made the project possible, Anne-Laure Domenichini of Laurent-Perrier for her beautiful French voice-over, and of course to Alexandra and Stéphanie de Nonancourt for their hospitality and energy for the garden.


Champagne Laurent-Perrier

Title: Spring at Allt y bela

SPRING at Allt-y-bela, in which we experience all the seasons in just two hours.


In the second of our seasonal films, made by James Aiken, I hope you join me in celebrating that, despite the persistent rain, we are seeing the annual renewal of life this season. As we enjoy some of the fruits of our labour (fresh green lettuce and purple sprouting brocolli this month) we are also seeing the tulips and specie bulbs popping up in the borders and grassy banks around the house. With the Chelsea Flower Show just around the corner, and design work at an all-time high, I am finding the tranquility and peace Allt-y-bela offers a real bonus.


Do enjoy - and don't forget to tell us what you think via Twitter!

Title: Winter at Allt y bela

WINTER at Allt-y-bela - my home in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

I am really excited to be able to introduce the first in a planned series of four films to be made throughout 2012. James Aiken's films are beautifully shot, using light and sound to great effect giving them instant atmosphere. I hope the series we have planned captures a little of the essence of the garden I am creating at Allt-y-bela.

I hope you enjoy them.